Unlock new levels of performance for YOUR team.

The Ambition Model™ is anchored in significant research and vast field-tested application.

We focus on building unshakeable confidence, superior competitive energy & real acceleration to fuel your team's performance.

We have built the best model to power your team. The Ambition Model™ is anchored in significant research and vast field-tested application.


Russell Raath is an Ambition junkie - obsessed with helping teams achieve incredible outcomes. He has worked with thousands of people around the world through his advisory consulting and keynotes, and relishes the opportunity to share his insights and stories with new clients.

The basis of his work is anchored in The Ambition Method℠  - a robust field-tested approach to performance that integrates almost three decades of experience and research.

Prior to founding The Ambition Company Russell was the President of Kotter Consulting, the consulting firm founded by the preeminent leadership and culture guru Dr John Kotter. Formerly, Russell worked at Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch and Deloitte - he knows what it is to be both a client and a consultant.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Russell brings a unique perspective to organizational performance and what it means to lead teams through ambitions pursuits.

Russell Raath, The Ambition Company


A results playbook built on The Science of Ambition℠.

After nearly 30 years of working alongside hundreds of leaders around the world we have seen what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to shifting organizational performance and delivering an impact.

We saw that a lot of what was done to and within organizations wasn't delivering the results anyone wanted.

And frankly, we're all under too much pressure and overwhelmed with way too many priorities to do anything that isn't having a direct benefit.

So we decided to create a new fit-for-purpose framework.We broke down the dogma and the hype, and built the Ambition Playbook℠ from the bottom up.

We built our learnings and research right into the model, incorporating:

Behavioral science
Organizational performance
Value chain analysis, &
Leadership and high-performing team enablers.



  1. Create the confidence and build the courage to take bold leaps
  2. Achieve supercharged levels of commitment
  3. Deliver on the promises you've made - to customers, employees and investors.